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Creative Portfolio


Reduced To Bloom, 2024; Patrick Cook, Melbourne
Captured on Kodak Ektar 100
The first instalment from a larger project where Shaina combines her floral artistry with photography. 


Footwear Theatre, 2023; Alison Pyrke, Melbourne
Captured on Kodak Portra
A series of toiles created by the genius that is Alison Pyrke

Commissioned by Alison Pyrke for French editorial 90antiope, 'Footwear Theatre' a series of footwear caricatures born of traditional signifiers and reconfigured for performance. This troupe of digressive, flamboyant, and comedic shoes will promenade the theatre hall amplified by an instrumental soundscape performed by composer Jaslyn Robertson.

‘Footwear Theatre’ is a gift to footwear devotees. A nonsensical exploration into what footwear can be, when practicality is abandoned and amusement becomes the primary function.

Martin Kantor Prize Submission 2023; feat. Godwin Bradbeer
Captured on Kodak Ektar 100
New Zealand born, Australian based artist, Godwin Bradbeer, captured in his art studio shortly after hand surgery. 

From Ischia With Love, June 2023; Ischia and surrounds, Italy
Captured on Kodak Ektar 100

An affair with France, May 2023; 
Captured on Kodak Ektar 100