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Shaina Glenny

Shaina Glenny is a New Zealand born, Australian raised photographer. Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, Shaina was accepted into the Perth Modern musical program for classical guitar but found her true passion in the high school darkroom.

In 2006, she moved to Melbourne at the age of 18 where she would go on to photograph live music and new restaurants for local publications such as Beat Magazine and Deadbeat street zine. In 2017, Shaina put down her digital cameras and went back to her roots with analogue photography, from shooting through to processing film and, printing in house by hand. 

In 2021, after years in management positions in the ragtrade and, corporate worlds, Shaina promised to herself to never have an employer again. She struck out to bring in revenue streams from all of her hobbies and talents, hence Stumpys Creative PTY LTD was officially born. Shaina strongly encourages people to venture into self-employment where possible or, at the very least, work for an employer who encourages you to exceed your goals, both professional and personal. 

In 2022, Shaina was commissioned by designer and artist, Alison Pyrke to capture toiles for French publication, 90antiope which was published in December 2022 and again in Vogue Australia, April 2024.

Amongst her photographic practise, Shaina has launched multiple companies under the Stumpys brand. 2023 saw the rise of her floral styling for Stumpys Bunches as well as her ecommerce store, Stumpys Vintage. In May, Shaina travelled to Europe to capture Paris and Italy on the shoulder of the Summer season and collect images for a soon-to-be released coffee table book. Stumpys Creative is home to analogue and, digital photographic and videography services. 

2024 will bring multiple projects to light, in particular, "Reduced To Bloom" which will blend her floristry art with her analogue photography practise. This project will view male subjects through the so called "male gaze." 

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